Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Animal Health Economics


Discipline: The study and application of biostatistical methods for the summarization and analysis of morbidity and productivity data of animal populations, the study of the frequency and distribution of diseases or health in animal populations, as well as the factors that affect them, Microeconomic analysis of factors of animal production at the level of breeding.

Research activity

  • Epidemiology of diseases of small ruminants and pigs with emphasis on tuberculosis of sheep and goats and the well-being and longevity of sows.
  • Evaluation of clinical trials for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of pet diseases with emphasis on leishmaniasis and helminthiasis.
  • Development and implementation of diagnostic reliability assessment methodologies based on Bayes' theorem.

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Laboratory Director

Λεωνίδας Λεοντίδης

Leonidas Leontides



Βασίλης Σκαμπαρδώνης

Vassilis Skampardonis

Associate Professor