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Library - Karditsa Branch

In the Prefecture of Karditsa, the Library Branch of The University is housed in the building complex of the Faculty of Veterinary Science. The facilities of the Faculty are located at the end of Trikalon Street (exit of the city to Trikala). The library is located in the Amphitheater building. On the ground floor is the reading room and on the first floor all the other services of the library.

Library & Information Centre University of Thessaly
Karditsa Library Branch
Trikalon 224 st., 43100 Karditsa

Librarian A. Mpazouki
Librarian: A. Papakavoura

24410 66080

24410 66093


Opening hours:
Monday - Friday 08:00 - 20:00

According to the operating regulations of the library, all members of the community of the University of Thessaly (staff and students), as well as the general public have the right to use it. In order for a person to use the services of the library, he / she must request the issuance of a 'member ID', which is issued on the basis of the police ID and is used only by the holder without being transferred. Acceptance also implies acceptance of all the terms of the Library regulation. For students, this card is valid until the end of their studies.

Undergraduate students can borrow a maximum of 10 items for 21 days.

Postgraduate students and doctoral candidates of the University can, on a maximum, borrow up to 10 subjects for 28 days.

Study / work rooms YES
Search for information material / collection in bookcases (shelves) YES
Borrowing - Renewal - Reservation YES
Borrowing YES
Information Education YES
Courses support YES
Support for people with disabilities Under Development
Use of electronic equipment YES


Access to postgraduate theses and doctoral dissertations prepared at the University of Thessaly

According to the current regulation of postgraduate studies of the Foundation all postgraduate theses and doctoral dissertations prepared at the University of Thessaly are submitted in digital form to Library and Information Centre (Central Library and Branches) and are published in the Institutional Repository of the University of Thessaly (