Laboratory of Hygiene of Foods of Animal Origin


Discipline: The control of macroscopic, microscopic and microbial deterioration of foods of animal origin (meat and meat related products, eggs, milk and its products, game, fisheries, honey, etc.), as well as the prevention of contaminants entering the animal husbandry, food preparation and preservation phase. Also, the study of foodborne illnesses, methods of sanitation and inspection of food of animal origin, the relevant legislation and the management of waste of food processing plants of animal origin.


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Laboratory Director

Αλέξανδρος Γκόβαρης

Alexander Govaris



Ανδρεάννα Πεξαρά

Andreana Pexara

Assistant professor

Νικόλαος Σολωμάκος

Nikolaos Solomakos

Assistant Professor

Μικέλα Βλάχου

Mikela Vlachou

PhD Student