Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology



Research on mechanisms of drug action, drug interaction, drug action in animals as well as toxicology of drugs, toxic substances and plants in animals.

Research interests:

  1. Design and development of new anticancer agents.
  2. Study of molecular mechanisms of action of anticancer drugs and chemical inducers of differentiation of neoplastic cells.
  3. Relationship of cell proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis and their role of gene expression in these processes.
  4. Structure, function and genetic basis of metabolism of drugs via cytochrome P450 in food producing and companion animals.
  5. Molecular basis of metabolism of xenobiotics (drugs, toxic compounds) and endogenous compounds in animals and the genetic basis of the differences observed in metabolism of xenobiotics in animals.
  6. Study of antibiotic resistance.
  7. Pharmacokinetic of veterinary drugs.
  8. Neurodegenerative diseases and potent targets.
  9. Evaluation of potency and safety of drugs and vaccines.
  10. Role of neurotransmitters and their receptors, developmental and neurotrophic factors in cell growth and fate of neural precursor cells of the central nervous system.
  11. Mechanism of control of cell growth, differentiation and survival of stem cells.
  12. Development of new methods of mRNA transfer in cells and application of this technology in clinical practice.


Method for the development of a delivery platform to produce deliverable PTD-IVT-mRNA therapeutics, REF: GR-9389, Application number 20190100504 (11-11-2019). Hellenic Industrial Property Organization

Project in progress: 

Development of innovative approach of CAR (Chimeric antigen receptors) technology in the context of oral cancer immunotherapy (2020-2022)


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Clinic Director

Ιωάννης Παππάς

Ioannis Pappas

Associate Professor


Σοφία Γεωργίου

Sofia Georgiou

Post-doctoral Researcher