Department of Poultry Diseases


The Department of Poultry Diseases offers various services in the field of avian health, poultry management and welfare which, as an extension, lead to the consumer’s protection. These services include studies on new vaccines and medicines, as well as evaluating vaccine programs in commercial poultry or backyard poultry farms. Also, laboratory and necropsy examinations are performed in order to diagnose poultry diseases found in the field, domestic and wild birds, in collaboration with other clinics or laboratories when is needed.

The scientific staff of the clinic also provides consulting services to the producers and owners of domestic birds regarding the right managemental practices, as well as the prevention of various diseases.


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Clinic Director

Κωνσταντίνος Κουτουλής

Konstantinos Koutoulis

Associate Professor


Δημήτρης Κούτσιανος

Dimitris Koutsianos

PhD Student

Ευάγγελος Μίνος

Evangelos Minos

PhD Student

Γιώργος Νάτσος

Giorgos Natsos

PhD Student

Gema Ramon

Gema Ramon

PhD Student

Ζωή Πρέντζα

Zoi Prentza

PhD Student