Contact the Faculty
Trikallon 224, 43100 Karditsa

Phone: 24410 66000

Fax: 24410 66041


Contact Faculty Members

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Information for the public

Phone numbers for arranging an appointment:

1) Clinic of Medicine : 6934254654
2) Clinic of Surgery : 2441066060
3) Clinic of Obstetrics and Reproduction : 2441066070
4) Clinic of Avian Pathology: 6937437789
5) Laboratory of Pathological Anatomy and Veterinary Forensic Medicine : 2441066082
6) Laboratory of Microbiology and Parasitology: 2441066030

Provision of medical information

It is clarified to anyone interested that under no circumstances is medical information provided via the Internet, electronic or conventional mail, or by telephone.

Information is provided only by the attending vet following an examination of the animal in the Clinic.