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Fotini Athanassopoulou

Ιchthyology, Aquatic Medicine, Welfare of Aquatic Animals


Research interests

Parasitology of Aquatic Animals, Welfare , Ethnobotany, Treatments of aquatic animals


Curriculum vitae

Prof. F Athanassopoulou graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 1981. In the same Faculty she attended a 18 months post graduate course in Microbiology, Parasitology & Infectious Diseases and was awarded a certificate in 1983.
She attended a one year taught course (1984-85) at Stirling University, Scotland (Institute of Aquaculture) and was awarded the M.Sc. in .”Aquatic Veterinary Studies”. In 1990, after four years research in the same Institute she gained her PhD in: “Fish Parasitology/Pathology”.
Her work experience includes: 1) Assistant to Professor / Teaching Assistant (Dept. of Ichthyology and Fish Pathology, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Thessaloniki, Greece), 2) Research Fellow at the University of Florida, Institute of Biomedical Aquatic Studies, Gainesville, USA. Project on aquaculture and pathology of Caryphaena hippurus L. (dolphin fish), 3) Teaching Assistant at the Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling. (MSc practicals, short fish farmers courses, undergraduate courses on fish diseases), 4) Veterinary Fish Pathologist, Diagnostic Dept., Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling. Project on EEC certification of salmon (Based in Fanad Fisheries, Ireland), 5) Consultant in Aquaculture / Fish Diseases for the University of Thessaloniki, Greece while sampling for my Ph.D project,10 month contract, 6) Official Veterinary Surgeon for Stirling District Council, Scotland and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food. (4,5 years), 7) Post - Doctoral Fellow, University of Stirling, Institute of Aquaculture. Project: "Treatment of sea lice with Hydrogen Peroxide". Project funded by Solvay Interox & Scottish Salmon Growers Association, 8) Researcher C, at National Agricultural Research Foundation, Institute of Veterinary Research of Athens, Ag. Paraskevi, Athens, Greece, 9) Senior Lecturer, teaching the subject of: “hygiene and quality of fish and fish products” at the students of Aquaculture at the Technological Institution of Epirus, Igoumenitsa (TEI).
In 2000 was appointed as Assistant Professor University of Thessaly, School of Health Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and in 2006 became professor. She is also DIRECTOR of the only MSc course of the faculty with two specializations: “Aquatic Animal Health” and “Aquaculture” (2006-today) From 2015 until 2021 was elected President of the European College of Aquatic Animal Health (ECAAH) . a College associated with the European Board of Veterinary specialization (EBVS)
She supervised 9 PhD thesis and was a member of PhD committees for 5 students , member of MSc thesis committees of 60 MSc students of the Veterinary School or similar Schools.
She was an invited speaker in 10 scientific events, is a member of many associations, judge for European and national research funds, and journals .
She has published more than 83 research publications in competitive journals, has presented more than 80 oral presentations in more than 60 congresses.
She is coordinator of 17 research competitive projects and participated in 29.
Έχει μεγάλη εμπειρία σε αξιολογήσεις φυτικών και φαρμακευτικών ουσιών για θεραπευτικές δράσεις σε υδρόβια είδη και έχει υπάρξει μέλος διεθνών επιτροπών εμπειρογνωμόνων και αξιολογήτρια εθνικών και ευρωπαϊκών ερευνητικών και εκπαιδευτικών προγραμμάτων.
She was received two competitive grants from Greek Scholarship Foundation: Post-graduate studies in Ichthyology & Fish Pathology (1984-1987) and Post doctoral Fellowship of the Organisation of Economic Co-operation & Development (OECD)- 1998 (6 months). University of Prince Edward Island and Vancouver, BC, Canada

Full curriculum vitae



  • Aquatic medicine
  • Ιchthyology
  • Bee pathology/diseases and management
  • Veterinary ethics and legislation
  • Zoology
  • Ecology

Selected Publications

  • Karagouni, E.,  Athanassopoulou F., P. Tsagozis, E. Ralli, Th. Moustakareas, K. Lytra and E. Dotsika (2005). The impact of a successful anti-myxosporean treatment on the phagocyte functions of juvenile and adult Sparus aurata L. International Journal of immunopathology and Pharmacology   18(1) 121-132.
  •  Munoz, P., Cuesta A., Athanassopoulou F., Golomazou E., Crespo S., Padros F., Sitja-Bobadilla A., Albinana, G., Esteban, A., Esteban MA; Alvarez_pellitero, P., Meseguer, J. (2007)    Sharpsnout sea bream (Diplodus puntazzo) humoral immune response against the parasite Enteromyxum leei (Myxozoa). Fish and shellfish immunology, 23 (3), 636-645.
  • KOLYGAS, M.N., GOURZIOTI, E., VATSOS, I.N. and ATHANASSOPOULOU, F., (2012). Identification of Tenacibaculum maritimum strains from marine farmed fish in Greece. Veterinary Record, 170(24), pp. 623
  • Bakopoulos V., Tsepa E., Diakou A., Kokkoris G.,  Athanassopoulou F. (2017). Parasites of Scyliorhinus canicula (Linnaeus, 1758) in the north-eastern Aegean Sea. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, page 1 of 11. # Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 2017 doi:10.1017/S0025315417001552
  • C Nathanailides, D Klaoudatos, C. Perdikaris, Sp. Klaoudatos, M. Kolygas, F. Athanassopoulou (2019) . Metabolic differentiation of diploid and triploid european sea bass . Int. Aquat. Res.