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Ekaterini K. Theodosiadou

Associate Professor

Animal Physiology


Research interests

Physiology/Physiopathology and Endocrinology of male and female small ruminant’s reproduction: Effects of endogenous/exogenous factors on hormones concentration and specific proteolytic enzymes activity, Sperm physiology/artificial insemination, In vitro cells culture/cryopreservation


Curriculum vitae

Ekaterini K. Theodosiadou graduated (1993), obtained her PhD (2000) from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and performed post-doctoral research (January-December 2002) in the same Faculty. Both her PhD and post-doctoral research funded by the Greek State Scholarships Foundation and performed at the Department of Physiology. Currently, she is an Associate professor and Head of the Department of Physiology in the Faculty of Veterinary Science of University of Thessaly, where she serves since 2006. At post-graduate level she has taught “Reproductive Physiology” and “Applied Reproduction” in the Department of Animal Production, T.E.I. of Thessaly (2016-2018). She has participated in 16 research projects: 4 international [3 competitive, as team leader (SEE-ERA.NET PLUS ERA83; TROUPEAUF-REPRO, l’AUF; BECO, l’AUF) and 1, as member] and 12 national (2, as leader and 10, as member). She has organized 2 scientific seminars/workshops of l’AUF and she has participated in 9 others (5 international and 4 national, 1 after invitation). She has participated in 45 scientific conferences (27 international and 18 national). Her scientific publications include: 1 international book chapter (after invitation), 28 articles in international peer-reviewed journals (2 review and 26 research articles), 1 research article in national peer-reviewed journal, 4 articles in proceedings of conferences (peer-reviewed) and 94 abstracts in proceedings of conferences (peer-reviewed, 67 international, 1 after invitation and 27 national), with impact factor (2021, abstracts excluded) 65.394 and total citations >624.

Full curriculum vitae



  • Physiology I
  • Physiology II

Selected Publications

Association of soybean-based extenders with field fertility of stored ram (Ovis aries) semen: A randomised double-blind parallel group design. Tarek Khalifa, Aristotelis Lymberopoulos, Ekaterini Theodosiadou. Theriogenology, 79(3): 517-527, 2013.

Relationship between electrical resistance of cervical mucus and ovarian steroid concentration at the time of artificial insemination in ewes. Short communication. Ekaterini Theodosiadou, Georgios S. Amiridis, Theodora Tsiligianni. Reproductive Biology, 14(3): 234-237, 2014.

Effects of Addition of Tissue-Type Plasminogen Activator in In Vitro Fertilization Medium on Bovine Embryo Development and Quality. F Krania, E Dovolou, CA Rekkas, EK Theodosiadou, I Pappas and GS Amiridis. Reproduction in Domestic Animals, 50(1): 112-120, 2015.

Effect of equine chorionic gonadotropin on glycosidase activity in the reproductive tract of ewes, in relation to ovarian response and embryo yield. Foteini Samartzi, Ekaterini K. Theodosiadou, Constantinos A. Rekkas, Aikaterini Saratsi, Aristotelis G. Lymberopoulos, Emmanouel Vainas, Theodora Tsiligianni. Small Ruminant Research, 191: 106186, 2020.

Redox Status and Hematological Variables in Melatonin-Treated Ewes during Early Pregnancy under Heat Stress. Efterpi V. Bouroutzika, Ekaterini K. Theodosiadou, Mariana S. Barbagianni, Serafeim Papadopoulos, Dimitrios Kalogiannis, Stella Chadio, Zoi Skaperda, Demetrios Kouretas, Eleni G. Katsogiannou, Irene Valasi. Veterinary Sciences, 9(9): 499, 2022.