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Mariana Barbagianni

Assistant professor
Diagnostic Imaging


Research interests

Radiology and Ultrasonography of animals. Ultrasound functional imaging for the diagnosis of mammary diseases. Visual investigation of embryonic development, embryonic programming and intra-uterine restricted growth.


Curriculum vitae

Mariana Barbagianni is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Thessaly since March 2021. She was born in 1987, in Kozani. She is a graduate and holds a PhD of the same Faculty, with further training in Diagnostic Imaging at the Companion Animal Clinic of the Department of Veterinary Medicine of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She is the author of 25 scientific publications, with more than 80 citations and a total h-index of 10. She has participated in more than 43 oral and posted communications at national and international scientific conferences. She is a reviewer in 2 scientific journals. She has worked as a veterinarian in a pet clinic and in the Veterinary Service of the Region of Thessaly.

Full curriculum vitae



  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Tumors in Companion Animals
  • Practical Training in Anesthesiology, Surgery and Diagnostic Imaging IΙ

Selected Publications

  • M.S. Barbagianni, P.G. Gouletsou, I. Valasi, I.G. Petridis, I. Giannenas, G.C. Fthenakis (2015) Ultrasonographic findings in the ovine udder during lactogenesis in healthy ewes or ewes with pregnancy toxaemia. Journal of Dairy Research 82:293-303.
  •  M.S. Barbagianni, V.S. Mavrogianni, A.I. Katsafadou, S.A. Spanos, V. Tsioli, A.D. Galatos, M. Nakou, I. Valasi, P.G. Gouletsou, G.C. Fthenakis (2015) Pregnancy toxaemia as risk factor for development of mastitis in sheep during the immediately post-partum period. Small Ruminant Research 130:246-251.
  • M.S. Barbagianni, S.A. Spanos, K.S. Ioannidi, N.G.C. Vasileiou, A.I. Katsafadou, I. Valasi, P.G. Gouletsou, G.C. Fthenakis (2016) Ιncreased incidence of peri-parturient problems in ewes with pregnancy toxaemia. Small Ruminant Research 132:111-114.
  • M.S. Barbagianni, K.I. Ioannidi, N.G.C. Vasileiou, V.S. Mavrogianni, D.C. Orfanou, G.C. Fthenakis, I. Valasi (2017) Ultrasonographic examination of pregnant ewes: From early diagnosis of pregnancy to early prediction of dystocia. Small Ruminant Research 152:41–55.
  • Mantziaras, N.G.C Vasileiou, K.S. Ioannidi, V.S. Mavrogianni, D.A. Gougoulis, G.C. Fthenakis, I.G.Petridis, M.S. Barbagianni (2018) Use of contrast-enhanced ultrasonographic examination to evaluate health status of mammary glands of ewes at the end of a lactation period. Journal of Dairy Research 85:39-43.