Clinic of Obstetrics and Reproduction


– Award of Excellence in Small Ruminant Medicine by the Ministry of Education

– European training centre in Small Ruminant Health Management (European College of Small Ruminant Health Management)

Field: Prevention, control, treatment, pathophysiology of reproduction and udder disorders, assisted reproduction and reproductive management of domestic animals.

The Department of Obstetrics and Reproduction has been founded in 1998. All staff members support evidence-based medicine and aim to achieve professional innovation and excellence. Up to date, the Department’s research grant budget has exceeded 7.0 M €. Further, 18 PhD theses and one European Veterinary Specialisation program have been successfully completed in the Department. Currently, 7 PhD theses are in progress. Members of the Department provide veterinary services across the country and develop relevant collaborations with various national or international research establishments.

The Department has been named as a Center of Excellence in Small Ruminant Medicine by the Ministry of Education and is also a recognised a training centre for European Veterinary Specialization of the European College of Small Ruminants Health Management. It has also received a prize by the Greek National Veterinary Association for its long-standing support provided to the veterinary profession in the field of small ruminant medicine in Greece.


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Clinic Director

Γεώργιος Χ. Φθενάκης

G.C. Fthenakis



Γεώργιος Σ. Αμοιρίδης

Georgios S. Amiridis


Παγώνα Γκουλέτσου

Pagona G. Gouletsou

Associate Professor

Βασιλική Μαυρογιάννη

Vasia S. Mavrogianni


Ελένη Ντόβολου

Eleni Dovolou

Collaborating Associate Professor (Faculty of Animal Science)

Ναταλία Βασιλείου

Natalia Vasileiou

Collaborating Assistant Professor (Faculty of Public and One Health)

Αγγελική Κατσαφάδου

Aggeliki Katsafadou

Collaborating Assistant Professor (Faculty of Animal Science)

Θωμάς Χουζούρης

Thomas Chouzouris

Post-Doctoral Collaborator

Ιωάννης Νανάς

Ioannis Nanas

Post-Doctoral Collaborator

Αντώνης Πολίτης

Antonis Politis

Post-Doctoral Collaborator

Αθηνά Βενιανάκη

Athina Venianaki

PhD Student

Όλγα Καρτέρη

Olga Karteri

PhD Student

Ελένη Κατσαρού

Eleni Katsarou

PhD Student

Νίκος Γ. Κορδαλής

Nikos Kordalis

PhD Student

Δάφνη Λιανού

Dafni Lianou

PhD Student

Χαρά Κ. Μιχαήλ

Chara K. Michail

PhD Student

Κωνσταντίνα Σταμπέρνα

Konstantina Staberna

PhD Student

Σταύρος Α. Σπανός

Stavros Spanos

Collaborating Veterinarian