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Georgios S. Amiridis


Physiopathology of ruminant reproduction


Research interests

Effects of summer heat stress on dairy cows’ fertility, Effects of metabolic signals on ruminants’ reproduction, Reproductive endocrinology, Developmental embryology, Assisted reproduction in ruminants

Curriculum vitae

Georgios S Amiridis graduated (1986) from Thessaloniki Vet School, attained his PhD from Glasgow Vet School (1996), and he is diplomate of ECAR and ECBHM. In 1998 he joined the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Thessaly, at which he is currently Professor and head of the Department of Obstetrics and Reproduction. Dr Amiridis has published more than 70 scientific papers in the field of ruminants reproduction, he has supervised 8 PhD theses and he has been the project leader of 15 research projects.

Full curriculum vitae



  • Obstetrics and Reproduction I
  • Obstetrics and Reproduction IΙ
  • Reproduction physiology and medicine of male laboratory and exotic animals and artificial insemination
  • Obstetrics and Reproduction IV
  • Practical Training in Obstetrics and Reproduction I
  • Specialised lectures in bovine reproductive management
  • Practicals in Obstetrics and Reproduction of domestic animals ΙΙ

Selected Publications

1. Nanas I, Chouzouris TM, Dadouli K, Dovolou E, Stamperna K, Barbagianni M, Valasi I, Tsiaras A, GS Amiridis (2020) A study on stress response and fertility parameters in phenotypically thermotolerant and thermosensitive dairy cows during summer heat stress. Reprod Domest Anim (in press)
2. Stamperna K, Giannoulis T, Nanas I, Kalemkeridou M, Dadouli K, Moutou K, Amiridis GS, Dovolou E. (2020) Short term temperature elevation during IVM affects embryo yield and alters gene expression pattern in oocytes, cumulus cells and blastocysts in cattle. Theriogenology 156,36-45
3. Ioannidi KS, Vasileiou NGC, Barbagianni MS, Orfanou DC, Chouzouris TM, Dovolou E, Chatzopoulos DC, Karavanis E, Papadopoulos N, Fthenakis GC, Amiridis GS, Mavrogianni VS (2020) Clinical, ultrasonographic, bacteriological, cytological and histological findings during uterine involution in ewes with pregnancy toxaemia and subsequent reproductive efficiency. Animal Reproduction Science, 218, 106460.
4. KS Ioannidi, NGC Vasileiou, MS Barbagianni, DC Orfanou, G Mantziaras, TM Chouzouris, E Dovolou, DC Chatzopoulos, Ε Karavanis, N Papadopoulos, AI Katsafadou, IA Fragkou, NG Kordalis, GS Amiridis, GC. Fthenakis, VS. Mavrogianni(2020) Clinical, ultrasonographic, bacteriological, cytological and histopathological findings of uterine involution in ewes with uterine infection. Pathogens 9,54
5. Chouzouris TM, Dovolou E, Rekkas CA, Georgoulias P, Athanasiou LV, and GS Amiridis (2019)A study on ghrelin and LH secretion after short fasting and on ghrelin levels at perioestrual period in dairy cattle. Rep Dom Anim 54, 91-99