Charity Bazaars


Our Faculty, at the initiative of the Secretariat, has from time to time organized charity bazaars (bazaars) to support individuals and families in need, as well as institutions of the City. The students of the Faculty offered important help in the organization of the charity actions, developing the voluntary dimension of the student status. The majority of the faculty members / EDIP / ETEP, the Administrative Staff and the Students of our Faculty participated in the bazaars either by offering or buying staff. The bazaars were open to all citizens of the city of Karditsa, who were able to participate and offer respectively. There has been a relative effort to cover the events in the local media (eg live connection to a local radio station) in order to increase citizen participation.

In detail, the contribution of the participants was made in one or more of the following ways:

- Offerings of clothes, toys, baby food and other food, to be given directly to families in need

- offerings of personal items for sale in the bazaar

- purchase of items exposed in the bazaar

- assistance in the organization and conduct of the bazaar (setting up stalls, sale, cash register)

- direct sponsorship of money to the fund

- mediation in commercial stores of the city to ensure a discount on the purchase of items for families in need.


With the money colected, specific support actions were carried out as follows:

  1. Food packages of a certain value were purchased and distributed to the homes of families in need. The selection of the families was made in each case at the suggestion of a member of our Faculty who knew each family personally, for reasons of reliability and transparency. In fact, a block of receipts for the delivery of the items to each family is kept as well as a detailed file with the income and expenses at the Secretariat of the Faculty.
  2. Clothes were purchased and distributed in person during a visit of the members of the Charitable action group to the KEPEP of Karditsa and the Nursing Home of Karditsa.
  3. The money was allocated for the special treatment needed for a girl with a rare epileptic syndrome.


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