On occasion of World Animal Day, at 4th October 2022, a visit was organized to the students of the 8th primary school at Karditsa. Specifically, three members of IVSA Thessaly, Iliana Georgara- Kitsou, Vasiliki Kontosorou and Ioanna Karabagia accompanied by the associate professor of Food Hygiene, Nikos Solomakos made a presentation in order to raise kids’ awareness about the importance of animals in our life. We spoke about the needs of animals, the significance of adoption and care about strays, the veterinary check up and generally about the role of veterinarians in public health and the principal of One Health. At the end, as a gift, we gave away to the kids some stickers and solved together an educating quiz. We are glad to have had the opportunity to inform young people about the sublime of loving animals and the veterinary profession.