General mission of the Faculty
The general mission of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is to educate veterinary students and to promote scientific knowledge in the field of veterinary science. All staff in the Faculty strive to provide education within a research environment for the benefit of the veterinary profession, the national economy and the local society; they aim to balance the requirements for research, teaching and clinical work, whilst reaching their full academic potential and excellence.

In line with its mission and the University strategic plan, the Faculty has set the following general lines of development.
-High-quality teaching, making possible professional competitiveness of veterinary graduates in the European scene.
-International recognition of research performed, leading to development of clinical applications and to presentation of innovative output.
-Support of students and staff to achieve personal career goals.
-Strong presence in the national and international veterinary scene.

Specific objectives of the Faculty
-Enabling veterinary students to acquire knowledge, practical skills, and experience needed for a qualified veterinarian.
-Promoting evidence-based veterinary science and problem-oriented problem-solving methods.
-Development and maintenance of a culture of high welfare standards for all animals.
-Achieving graduation of veterinarians able to provide high-class animal health care, including disease investigation and prevention, at individual animal or at population level.
-Enabling the participation and the engagement of all staff members in research, in line with national and local targets within the development models applied in the country and in the region of Thessaly.
-Preparation and application of all regulations and codes of conduct, as deemed necessary by national and European legislations and by University procedures.
-Maintenance of partnerships with stakeholders.
-Following all developments set by the Ministry of Education for academic faculties.
-Full engagement in periodic accreditation procedures, as required by the Hellenic Authority for Higher Education and the European System of Evaluation of Veterinary Training.